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What Type of Roof Is Right For You?

You can't really be a Frederick roofing company without taking care of a variety of roof types. At Jennings Home Improvements, we feel it is crucial to be able to offer all of the services our customers might need and that includes roof replacement for a number of different types of roofing materials.


Still the most common type of roofing system, asphalt shingles are ideal because they are cost-effective and durable. You may need a roof replacement sooner with asphalt than other styles of rooftops but you should still get a good 20 years, with maintenance along the way.

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True roofing contractor professionals can offer exceptional service for roofing, no matter what the material. We take care of EPDM roofing with just the same amount of skill and precision as any other type of roofing system.

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Withing the family of rubber roofing is TPO, or Thermoplastic Polyolefin. If you would like to use this material for your roof replacement, you will find that it is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to PVC materials.

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Some of the oldest surviving homes still have their slate roofing; it is known for its longevity and durability. Not to mention, it happens to be among the most attractive options for roof replacement.

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You need a skilled and experienced roofing contractor for your metal roofing, so give us a call. One of the longer lasting options, you will love your new metal roof.

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If you are looking for a professional Frederick roofing contractor then please call 301-573-1635, or complete our online request form.