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Can Your Roof Be Installed During Cold Weather?

Winter roofing services MD

Obviously, when planning for roof replacement, the ideal time to take care of this is in the spring or fall. It is still completely possible in the summer but the high temperatures can make the work grueling.

However, the question about whether it is even possible to install roofing during the winter months is one many of our customers have, and rightfully so. The honest answer is that it is best to avoid cold weather replacement if possible, but sometimes it is not possible.

In the Event of an Emergency

It's the dead of winter and you notice a roof leak and make a call to your roofing company, but the diagnosis is not good. Instead of just repairs, you are going to need a total roof replacement.

"Cold weather" is considered any conditions when the temperature dips below 50° Fahrenheit and here are some of the reasons roofing at below this temperature is not the preferred approach:

So how can we compensate for these hurdles and still deliver quality results?

For one thing, it really is all about planning and being prepared. This includes planning the work day around when there is the most daylight and avoiding planning for days that have weather predictions involving storms.

Work production is slower during cold weather as well, so it is about knowing the project will take longer to complete. Better to take the time required to do a good job than to compromise the quality.

Of course, the job also requires the roofers to first clear away as much snow and ice as possible. This makes working conditions much safer and helps to prevent the likelihood of making a mistake like stepping on a skylight.

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